DarkLøTUS Yoga Tour

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Create your own itinerary for your desires and budget.

Book here if you want to visit more than one location of our tours.

Ask us for guidance on incredible out of the way places throughout India.

Want to drive classic Enfield motorcycles across Rajasthan then drop into a yoga retreat? Super!







Best Season

AUTUMN: Banaras, Pushkar, Rishikesh, Mysore & other locations

SPRING: Banaras, Pushkar, Rishikesh, Mysore & other locations

MONSOON: Pushkar & other locations

WINTER: Other locations


Cost is dependent on the duration of the tour, the accommodation booked and the experiences chosen.  Our flexible tours make sure that you have the right package for your budget and needs. 

As a base rate we charge per day for a staff member to accompany you or your group (Rs. 8000: 1 - 2 person, Rs. 10,000: 3 - 4 person, Rs. 12,000: 5 - 6).  This includes 1 yoga class & 1 activity per day.

  We let you in on all the secret spots we have found over the years of traveling and the rest is up to you in terms of accommodation, transport choice & for adding additional events!

Send an enquiry

Using the tour highlights & add on's as a guide you can customise your tour for your budget and requirements.  Flexible options including; travel duration, tour highlights, tour add ons, and extra yoga classes.  Just choose your date of arrival, the number of participants, a hotel category and any specific requirements that you have and we are on the job creating your tour, your way. 

After receiving your enquiry we respond with prices and work with you to create a yoga experience that is in your budget and filled with all the stuff others could only dream of!


These are flexible 1 week + packages for individuals & groups who want a bespoke multi-day yoga experience or combine two or more of our yoga tours.  Taking a Darkløtus yoga tour is a flexible option for individuals and groups interested in a yoga experience that they design themselves with suggestions from our experience.

From the moment you arrive to the airport or train station your yoga tour begins and you will get full on days of amazing experiences from our yoga walks to special rituals that will satisfy both your mind & body!


We host you at our locations or in a hotel of your choice suited for oyur needs and budget.


We utilise clean, air conditioned vehicles for longer routes & auto / cycle rickshaw transport as needed for the local areas.

Flexible Schedules:

We assist you in creating a daily schedule that is suited with your desires as a practitioner.  It can be full days or half days with special events added in where you like.

TOur Add On's

We can give suggestions based on the geographic area and unique aspects of the places that are near to where you are going.