Bahuchara Mata

Bahuchara Mata

DarkLøtus Yoga Tours

Are you wondering if you can handle all the issues of traveling alone or with a group?  Do you want to be practicing yoga everyday?  DarkLøtus Yoga Tours are retreats for individual practitioners and groups that are looking for hands on service while exploring yoga in India.

Are you searching for a super spot between Delhi and Mysore to overnight?  Do you want to know a quick route to the Himalayas for a day adventure from Rishikesh?  Can't find the shrine of the rooster riding goddess Bahuchara Mata? (hint: its in Gujarat!)  Yes, we can help you arrange all of it! 

We have friends, fellow practitioners and tour contacts all over the country.  DarkLotus can handle all the groundwork of vehicles, hotel bookings, transport & special events... we also can give yoga classes along the way!

Costs vary according to number of participants, experiences engaged, length of the tour as well as transport and hotel choices.  Search our flexible 1 week + packages below for all the exciting possibilities.

GST is an additional 5% tax.



Banaras is where you book our Varanasi yoga tours.  We arrange for transport from Delhi to Varanasi where we have all the accomodation, yoga classes, sacred walks & experiences set up for you yogis in the City of Light!

Want to go further and add on an overnight in Bodh Gaya, Allahabad or camp out across from an ancient fort in a double decker boat on the river?  We can make it happen!


Himalaya YOGA TOUR

Himalaya is where you join our Rishikesh yoga tours.  We work out all the trains from Delhi to Rishikesh, the yoga capital of the world.  We host you in our retreat centre, or a hotel of your choice, then its yoga all day til you drop!

Thinking of how to add on a day trip to a hidden Himalayan Gharwali village or an overnight stay in a secret hot water shrine hidden deep in the mountains?  Got it. Done!


South India YOGA TOUR

South India is where you find our Mysore yoga tours.  We receive you in either Delhi or Bangalore and then get you to Mysuru & into some sweet digs for an amazing array of activities from yoga to Sanskrit chanting!

Interested to visit the Sanskrit College classroom where Tirumalai Krishnamacharya taught or join a traditional cooking class in a local home?  Let us introduce you!



Desert is where you book our Pushkar yoga excursions.  We meet you in Delhi or Jaipur and get you safely to the oasis in the desert for daily yoga, dance classes, sunrise ceremonies and visits to the Nath shrine for evening puja.

How about riding a camel in the dunes near the town for yoga or a trip to the 600 hundred year old shrine of Sufi Saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti in nearby Ajmer.  We are on it!


Sacred SItes YOGA TOUR

Sacred Sites is where you book our yoga retreats to pilgrimmage places around festival calendar events.  Participating in an Indian festival at a sacred site will leave you breathless while you develop your pranayama practice!

Want to organise your tour during the once every three year cycle of the Kumbh Mela or during the tantric Ambubachi Mela festival to Kamakhya Devi in Assam?  Oh yeah!



DarkLøtus is where you create your own bespoke yoga retreats by telling us what you are interested in and we work together to create a unique tour for you!  This is the place if you want to visit multiple of the above locations.

Perhaps you wanted to visit the Taj Mahal, shoot up to Rishikesh for 2 days of yoga and then need to end up in Banaras for the last week to meet up with friends.  Cool, let's go!